Three D.P.’s and One P.A.

Are you familiar with the work of Stephen Dirkes?  If  you aren’t already, you soon will be.  Stephen, founder of Obscure Object Films, is a gifted filmmaker based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  This past Monday I was lucky enough to be asked by Stephen to help out on a test-shoot he was doing in Chinatown with two superb cinematographers, Adam Jandrup and Raymond Flynn.  This triumvirate of talent worked together last year on Barry Levinson’s latest feature film, which shot on location in Georgetown, South Carolina.  I’ve uploaded some stills I took while they set-up camera positions and worked out their shots.

The purpose of the test-shoot was to work out a sequence similar to the opening credits zoom-shot from the film Limitless.  By combining footage from three cameras of varying focus lengths, the shots will later be manipulated using VFX.

Above, from left to right: Adam Jandrup, Raymond Flynn and Stephen Dirkes.

Making sure the cameras are leveled.


Raymond Flynn, working his camera magic.

Adam Jandrup, cinematographer extraordinaire.



Stephen Dirkes, lining it up, knocking it down.

Thanks for letting me tag along, guys!