#MCA #RIP in progress by #djvandal #nyc #writing #graffiti #art in #blackbook with #markers #tribute (Taken with instagram)


#MCA #RIP in progress by #djvandal #nyc #writing #graffiti #art in #blackbook with #markers #tribute (Taken with instagram)

Stephen Dirkes Retrospective at Rabbithole Gallery

Last night I went down to the Rabbithole Gallery in DUMBO to check out the Photoplays by Stephen Dirkes Exhibition.  The exhibition is comprised of stills and photographs selected from many of Dirkes’ “photoplays”, so-called because many of them are composed of individual photographs taken by photographer Tal Shpantzer, which he then edited and transformed into short films and videos.

 Above: A portrait of the filmmaker; a still from one of Stephen’s short films.  

Above: Gallery patrons are treated to a selection of Mr. Dirkes’ and Ms. Shpantzer’s photographs, curated by Caroline Pham.

Above: DJ Vandal(right, in shadows) a long-time collaborator, was on the decks all night long. 

Above: Red velvet-like curtains part to reveal frames from one of Stephen’s short films, in this wonderful shadow box created by Ioana Popescu.  Below: Detail. 

Accompanying the photographs and short-films are some lovely props and sets that were used during production.  

Above:  Artist Ameirinkz created this scale model of Brooklyn, NY, used in one of Mr. Dirkes’ short films.

Above: A set used in Mr. Dirkes’ short film for Langoliers.

Below: A detail of what I like to call “The Spider Lady”, an enchanting and enigmatic figurine created by Pamela Liou.  

At 8 PM we were treated to a 45 minute screening of his collected short films.  These spanned a wide spectrum of technique and editing.  Mr. Dirkes also does almost all of the musical scoring and post-production himself, leading one to think that this enormously talented filmmaker must have little time in his day for anything else. 

Above: In Stephen Dirkes’ kingdom of light and shadows.

As he stated at the conclusion of the screening, his work is the result of a closely-knit group of highly talented artists, artisans and designers, “a truly family affair”.  Many members of this family showed up in full force for the exhibition and screening, including Tal Shpantzer, Peter Bill, Amerinkz, Caroline Pham, Ioana Popescu, Zou Chu, Pamela Liou and Jef Niesen.  Of course, it was a bit difficult to hear what Mr. Dirkes was saying as waves of boisterous applause erupted at the end of the screening.  I highly recommend you check out this exciting and unique exhibition.

Photoplays by Stephen Dirkes Exhibition is running from April 5-April 30th at the Rabbithole Gallery, 33 Washington Street, NY.