The Multiplicity of Dueling Heroes

With great printing power, comes great possibility.  A few years back I got a Epson all-in-one printer, one of those contraptions that lets you scan, print and copy in one nifty little package.  It came with special “photo paper” which presumably gave you the ability to print out your own high-quality, glossy copies of photographs, bypassing the whole Military-Industrial-Photo-Printing Complex that Eisenhower warned us all about. 

I had only recently been getting into Frank Miller at the time, so naturally I scanned and printed out an image from The Dark Knight Returns.  I should mention that I only had one sheet of this photo paper, so when I messed up the first printing of the image, I tried to re-use the same sheet only I messed that up further and ended up just re-printing the image on the same sheet, albeit with a different orientation, which resulted in the image below.  

There’s just something that I like about the amalgamation of the image of both heroes fighting each other and blending into each other.  The multiplicity of dueling heroes overlapping themselves several times, the intersecting tones of red, blue and gray.  And it came from a mistake, an error, a glitch.  I liked that aspect, too.  I eventually cut it out and pasted it to a dresser in my bedroom. 

Below: Details.